Saturday, January 2, 2010

Costa Rica National Parks Iphone App


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Costa Rica National Parks App is the perfect offline reference guide for a traveller to discover the many fascinating and charming national parks of Costa Rica. It provides useful information on 27 National Parks in this beautiful country: scenic pictures, location, nearest city, area, creation date, flora, fauna and history.

Our App also integrates Google Maps (requires 3G or WiFi) allowing you to: see the location of each National Park on the map; search for cities, towns and points of interest (with automatic filtering for Costa Rican results), determine your current location and switch between standard, satellite and hybrid map views. If no search results are found, the App provides you a one click option to perform the same search through iPhone’s Maps App, which will automatically focus the search near the current point of interest. The map also display the distance of the national park from your current location.

A picture speaks a thousand words. That’s why Costa Rica National Parks App has the biggest photo collection of Costa Rica among the Apps available in the App Store. The photo album showcase pictures of Arts and Craft, Buildings, Festivals and Celebrations, Local Food, Golf and Country Clubs, National Parks and People. Each photo is also tag with a description to give you more information about what you are seeing.

Through our App, you will also find information on just about everything you need to know about Costa Rica. You will learn about Costa Rica’s history, geography, flora and fauna, politics, provinces, economy, national parks, demographics and culture. When you travel to Costa Rica, it is always a good idea to have some good Costa Rica information at your fingertips.

This App is truly indispensable to anyone who wish to visit Costa Rica National Parks and experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer. If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica for your next adventure vacation, be sure to download our app.

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